The place where your car is first

The place where your car is first

The place where your car is first

The Mission

Every car lover wants to see their ride clean. Here is where The Perfectionist comes into play. They set out to give their customers quality of life improvement. Whether it is a simple routine cleaning or thorough detailing of the car. They will make sure to give your car the shine it needs. My mission was to create a website that reflect their work and where customers can reach them.


Web Design, User Experience Design, User Interface Design



The Impact

In the end, the results speak for themselves, A place where it takes less than 2 seconds to get an appointment for your car.

The Outcome

Using Webflow, I custom-built their website with the needs of the customers in mind. A website that loads fast, is easy to navigate and update.

Visual Preview of the webflow made website
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With a passion for cars, The Perfectionist like to see them clean and ready to go! Their mission is simple "To be the place where your car can get the spa treatment it needs". To be more accessible on the world wide web, they decided it was time to have a place where they can show their work.

The perfectionist Wireframes in production.
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The Process

The process started on paper. Laying out the needs of the customers and matching them with a web layout that presents itself as easy to navigate and to get around. This phase was followed up with the creation of the Wireframes. The general idea was to earn the trust of the customers as they navigate the site searching for the right service for their needs.

Mockups of the Perfectionist Website
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The process concluded in the building phase. Where using Webflow, the custom website was built in under 16 hours. Mobile optimized and ready to go.

Mobile optimization of the Perfectionist Website
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