AIESEC 70th Anniversary - History Book

The Mission

2018 was a key milestone for AIESEC as the organization continues its legacy spanning over 70 years of developing youth leadership. With the theme Leaders for Peace, AIESEC acknowledges their humble beginnings and the contributions of previous generations to the global community while presently striving to develop every young person in the world towards a movement of peace. I was tasked with creating and designing the pages that will form the History Book of the organization rich with experiences and stories.


Editorial Design, Layout Design, Print Design



The Impact

Published as a printed copy and on the platform ISSUU, the document is viewed yearly by the current members, Alumni and the public at large.

The Outcome

Designing a book that encompasses the rich history, legacy and essence of the organization in one. The final document became a mark of all that AIESEC represents.

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70 years after the initial belief that gave birth to AIESEC, this vision for peace remains as relevant as ever in a rapidly changing world.

This History Book serves as a testimonial of the power that young people have to solve the world’s biggest challenges and the responsibility they take to create a better tomorrow for themselves and for generations to come.

AIESEC 70th Anniversary - History Book mockups
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The Process

Combining the branding, history and essence of the organization, the design process produced a document that is both easy to read, appealing to the eye and has the information structure spaced out evenly. Every page has its purpose, every image is accompanied by copy that reflects and describes the visuals.

AIESEC 70th Anniversary - History Book mockups
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From the opening chapter, a word from the Presidents of the organization, to the last chapter, how AIESEC is on the way to become a Youth Leadership Movement, the book feels easy to read and to study. Adopting a minimal, monochromatic design language, the content stands out as the main hero while the decorative elements give a unique structure to the document.

AIESEC 70th Anniversary - History Book mockups
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