The Pizzeria that adopted Meme Marketing

The Mission

At the foothills of the Mountains Piatra Craiului, between the streets of Zarneşti, a small pizzeria set out to become a new local brand. Its mission is to go against the grain. As many pizza deliveries strive to be posh and luxurious, Pizza Capizza set out to be the contrary. Our mission was to help them create a brand that communicates the aspects of fun, approachability, sharability and to be genuinely local.


Branding, Visual Identity, Social Media Campaigns, Product Photography



The Impact

Since the launch of the pizzeria, the brand became a household name overnight. In the first days it sold double the expected pizzas. In its first week it had reached all the available devices through the online advertisement efforts.

The Outcome

We created the Pizza Capizza visual identity from the ground up. Starting with a logo that looks friendly and inviting, an aspect that continues with the social media presence that is fun, story-driven and mouth-watering.

Pizza Capizza flyer mockup
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Within a relatively small town, you might expect little to no competition to start a pizzeria. Most often than not you will find that it is not the case. Before even its conception, the brand had to demonstrate trust, quality and agility. Aspects that had to be well voiced from the beginning for future customers of the brand.

Pizza Capizza logo phases
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The Process

For a brand that wants to create room for itself within the market, you need to be blunt and bold. For starters, the name of the pizzeria had to be a fun wordplay.

Before the launch, together with the owners, we put together the brand guidelines and the campaign editorial lines. The structure established together helped the small business reach its target goals and the messaging that broadcasted to the target audience.

On the established structure, we created the assets like the Logo, Flyers and Social Media Visuals.

Pizza Capizza social media mockups
Pizza Capizza social media mockups
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Within the first two weeks of the pre-campaign, the audience of the town was shown a glimpse of what was to come. Like in any small community, the word started to spread fast, especially when on all the major social platforms the ads started to roll out. With everything planned and prepared, the new pizzeria was ready for its first day.

Pizza Capizza social media mockups
Pizza Capizza social media mockups
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