Choose Different Campaign

Choose Different Campaign

The Mission

An organization striving for Peace and Fulfillment of Humankind’s potential, AIESEC in Canada set out to understand its customers' needs regarding cross-cultural exchange programs that they have been running since 1958, and how that perspective has changed in today’s world. Keeping up with the trends of the 2010s and the rise of social media platforms, our mission was to create a national visual identity for their #ChooseDifferent Social Media campaign, that is relevant to the customers, the volunteers and the entrepreneurs that come across this brand.


Branding, Visual Identity, Social Media Campaign



The Impact

The Visual Identity & Campaign contributed greatly towards the organization’s conversion rates and lead generation.

The Outcome

We designed a visual identity from the ground up. A visual aspect of an organization that envelopes the essence of it as vivid, youthful and bold. A symbol as its design language applied to a range of medium from web to print, recruitment campaign to products presentations.

AIESEC Choose Different Campaign Logo concepts
AIESEC Choose Different Campaign Logo variants
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Today, organizations have a harder time building both Presence & Personality simultaneously on the online mediums. The leaders of AIESEC in Canada found themselves in the same situation. They were looking for ways to bring to their online audience a fresh new look & feeling while also respecting AIESEC International's brand guidelines.

In this narrowed field a road opened for the organization, where the branding process flourished. Through the ideation process, the Choose Different Campaign was born. Tailored from two parts, firstly to highlight the exchange program that the organization runs and secondly to run the membership recruitment campaign with it. A two birds with one stone kind of idea.

AIESEC Choose Different Campaign Logo sticker mockup
AIESEC Choose Different Campaign Logo bracelet and pins mockup
AIESEC Choose Different Campaign Logo shirt mockup
AIESEC Choose Different Campaign Logo shirt mockup with a young girl
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The Process

A campaign that at its core is about having the chance to choose opportunities around the world. Customers, new recruits and members alike of the organization choosing their path for their careers. In hindsight, we have set out to develop the symbol on which the whole campaign was built around.

After three concepts for a symbol, the final one chosen was an abstract songbird floating up-right. Showcasing the chance of someone flying to their opportunities and proudly displaying their dedication, courage and achievements. A choice that is not only reflected in the look and feel of the bird but in its use throughout the design of the campaign.

The songbird symbol’s mission is not to be seen in the corner like a logo, rather as an enveloping visual aspect, being present throughout the campaign creating Presence & Personality.

AIESEC Choose Different Campaign Social media mokcup
AIESEC Choose Different Campaign Social media mokcup
AIESEC Choose Different Campaign Social media mokcup
AIESEC Choose Different Campaign banner mockup
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To give room for creativity & experimentation in the production of the visuals, I have created visual templates, from multiple social media posts to print materials, for the membership to use, iterate and improve the campaign over time.

The true heroes of the campaign were the members of AIESEC in Canada. With the start given to them from the beginning, the members could create one united marketing effort, using the templates in their arsenal.

AIESEC Choose Different Campaign Poster Mockup
AIESEC Choose Different Campaign Poster Mockup
AIESEC Choose Different Campaign Membership group photo
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The results

The success of the campaign consisted of a number of factors. On one side, the engagement on social platforms and conversion rates have seen a significant increase. On the other side, the number of new members recruited in the ranks of the organization have seen an increase as well. To put the cherry on top, the campaign contributed to a healthier and more engaging organizational culture, improving the quality of the membership experience.

Overall the campaign has generated more than 70,000 page views together with more than 40,000 sign ups.

Choose Different Campaign

Lucky to have worked with

Creativity knows no limits and Adrian is a living proof of that statement. I consider myself very lucky to have had him as a crucial member of my creative team as he helped in the design and creation of one of the most visually compelling marketing campaigns I have ever seen in my career. I strongly recommend his superb skill set for anyone who puts creativity as a solid component of building a remarkable brand.

Omar Díaz Saldaña

Founder Showcaser Media Productions