Eventmix - Mixed in new Colors

Eventmix - Mixed in new Colors

The Mission

A business born before the pandemic with the goal of helping music festivals broadcast concerts to music lovers. Today, the Eventmix team has spread its wings, bringing its technologies to anyone who wants to organize and run virtual events online. The mission of this project was to bring the Eventmix Website to life. I joined up with Brand Identity Designer Stefan Asafti to mix together a brand new website for them in Webflow.


Web Design, Webflow Development, User Experience Design, User Interface Design




The Impact

Since the website launched the visitors have experienced a clean user journey, a website structure that doesn't feel overwhelming, while making the content easy to manage and update via the Webflow CMS system.

The Outcome

Stefan grabbed Adobe XD and I grabbed Webflow, together we refreshed the look and functionality of the website. In a matter of weeks, the designed pages became a reality. From custom CMS pages that serve every event type to snappy visuals to cloth the website, Eventmix received a virtual place suiting their brand strategy in the long term.

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Eventmix needed a fresh look in an agile form. A website that suited their development path. One that can evolve in time and not be stranded by themes. That was the moment when they decided to move their website to Webflow, the platform of choice for this project.

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The Process

The process began with Stefan. He drew out the wireframes based on the requirements of the website. The core design and structure of the website started to take shape. While this phase was underway, I started implementing the same structure in Webflow. One designer working on the looks, the other on the implementation. In a span of a few weeks, the final design of each of the Static and Dynamic pages was ready.

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As the final pixels were mixed together. From the navigation to the blog pages. The website was ready for Sergiu and his team to jump in. They could populate all the pages easily, while Stefan & I hammered away the final details of the website. The result came together in record time.

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The results

An ever-evolving snappy website. A virtual place that not only looks apart, but its ease of updating makes both the visitors and Eventmix’s team life better.

Eventmix - Mixed in new Colors

Easy & Fast

Working with Adrian was super easy and fast. He understood the requirements in no time and we had no friction in the building process. He has great experience in building with Webflow. We launched our website in the desired timeline and the end result was awesome. He’s a lot of fun to work with and I recommend him for any project, no matter the complexity.

Sergiu Biriş

CEO & Co-founder @ Eventmix