A Green Business with a Clean Website

A Green Business with a Clean Website

The Mission

Let me introduce you to a flourishing business. Green Vision Moss makes interior design blossom. Turning every concrete wall into a living place that inhales and exhales life. They set out to look for a place where their work can shine on the internet. A place where their custom interior design pieces speak for themselves. Bringing in new clients for the small business.


Web Design, User Experience Design, User Interface Design



The Impact

The end of the process resulted in a website that helps a green business reach new milestones. A website that makes getting in touch with them one click away.

The Outcome

With many projects in their portfolio, the goal was to make their work take the center stage. Using the Webflow CMS and flexibility in implementing the design, the outcome became a living website. Growing by every project added. To achieve the goal of new project requests I implemented a simple conversion and reach out system suited for a small business.

Green Vision Moss Website screens
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A small business residing in the centre of Romania, creating plant-based interior design pieces that bring to life every room that is touched by them.

With a focus on handcrafter and in house grown plants, they were looking into ways of displaying their work in a meaningful way.

The decision came when they realized they needed a new website. One that is both functional and up to the standards of their products.

Green Vision Moss Wireframes process
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The Process

Starting from a blank space, we looked through their portfolio to find the essence of their craft.  

Together with the client, we built the website’s structure around their past works. By clarifying their process and niche, we could draw up the initial wireframes.

A simple base for the website which gives their plants & designs the opportunity to blossom and be seen by all their potential clients.

Green Vision Moss Website in tablet form
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Together, we established the exact form of the website. Taking the form of completed wireframes filled with colours and images.

This kickstarted the development phase. I took full advantage of the Webflow CMS, creating custom project pages for their portfolio.

One that is custom but most importantly it’s easy to be updated later by the client.

4 sections from the Green Moss Vision Website project
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The results

A website that needs water only when a new project is completed. The end result helps Green Vision Moss take their projects to the next level. Reducing bounce rates has a straightforward User Experience and achieves its goals.

A Green Business with a Clean Website

Very pleased with our website

We were very pleased to collaborate with Adrian. Through the whole process, he demonstrated professionalism and guided us through all the steps needed. We are very satisfied with the final product, we got a beautiful website. Perfectly executed for our needs.

Melania Mateiu

Interior Designer at Green Vision Moss