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Grai - Content Hub for Venture Builder

The Mission

The Entrepreneurs and Founders, who keep up with the speed of change have a limited runway. They need the resources in order to further scale their business in their respective niche. That is where Grai shine, they leverage the abilities of entrepreneurs and the vast resources of corporations to develop new ventures. The mission of this project was to centralize their content resources into a single location making it easy to manage, quick to update and accessible for the sales team.


Web Design, User Experience Design, User Interface Design



The Impact

Since the website launched the visitors experience a clean user journey, a website structure that doesn't feel overwhelming, while making the content easy to manage and to update via the CMS system.

The Outcome

We custom built the Grai Group website from the ground up, encapsulating the brand identity and implementing a CMS (Content Management System) strategy for the website that serves the needs of the company in one place. As part of the automation, we integrated into the website third party solutions like Hubspot, Zapier, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and the basic SEO settings.

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Grai represents a group of entrepreneurs that came together to explore spaces where opportunities exist and where positive difference can be achieved. For the past couple of years, the company has developed services that revolve around venture building, internal innovation and digital media services. In essence, they help entrepreneurs and their business adjust to the digital marketplace, validate and scale ventures and optimize internal processes.

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The Process

The company has gone through a thorough rebranding process before starting the project, the messaging and the informational structure had to be laid clearly for the user to navigate. As a first step in the process of creating the website, the wireframing had to be clean while providing a clear path for any visitor coming to the website. Respecting both the needs of the users and the objectives of the website.

To give function to the structure after completing the wireframe, we focused on the CMS systems and pages that had to be implemented together with the connection to the CRM of the company. This way the user flow had a start, middle and ending completing the cycle.

Grai Group website mockup
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In the final stages of the process, we focused on small animations and visual cues for the user and multiple device optimizations. The goal of this part was to smoothen the user experience and elevate the brand's aesthetics to the viewer.

Grai Group website mockup
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