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Myths about online marketing for your business (2022)

January 3, 2022
Written by
Adrian Dascal

There are a lot of questions and myths on the internet about social platforms and websites. How do they work? What are all these algorithms about? The past year my clients asked me about them. I compiled these questions and answered them in one small blog post.

Without any further ado, let’s dive into some of these marketing questions and hopefully you can walk away with clarity when it comes to these online myths.

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Thanat Sattavorn question mark

Do I have to be present on all the social media platforms?

The short answer is no, you don't have to post on every social platform.

The long answer is that 15 years ago we had a single social platform, namely MySpace. Nowadays we have 15 social media platforms, each with its particular requirements. They are so many at this time of writing that we can’t decide where to put in the effort. Still, the question arises: Where should I post?

This one is an easy to answer and hard to implement kind of question. It boils down to who is your target audience is. All of us should, in theory, know who we are targeting, who we aim to get in touch with. We can’t market kids toys on Linkedin, there are only adults there. We can’t publish a job opportunity on TikTok, the algorithm will not pair a job post with the right candidates.

These were a couple of silly examples to get point across. In essence, you should see which platform has the right audience for your product or niche.

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Unknown creator (Source: Google)

Do I have to post every day?

Okay, we choose one or two platforms on which to be active. Now the question comes up. When should I post? Should I even post every day? The quick answer is no, you shouldn’t, it’s not mandatory. However, it is true that some platforms’ algorithms will push your content up if posting regularly. The keyword is regularly. A good example is the popular app TikTok, where you are rewarded if you publish 3 engaging pieces of content per day and interact with your audience in the comment section.

Rather than the frequency of your posts, you should focus on the quality of the content published. The general rule of thumb is for your content to be engaging. Is it sharable? Does it make me comment on the post? Instagram for example promotes your content if the audience saves your posts for later. Likes and simple views are not that powerful anymore.

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Responsive Website Animation (Source: Dribbble)

Do I need a website?

My first guess for you would be maybe. Websites are a powerful tool. If used correctly you can bring in new leads, customers or clients. It can be one of the best marketing funnel tools you could wish for. One that works on autopilot thanks to Google and the magic of SEO.

However, this one comes with a downside, it usually is a costly investment. It requires Capital and time to build and maintain to a level in which it actually contributes to your business. If I would start a new business and the question would come up “Do I need a website or not?”. I would look at my target audience and identify if a website would have a real ROI (Return of Investment) or not.

Do I need to have a mobile-friendly website?

Okay, let’s say you have decided to build a website for your business. It makes sense and it’s something that you need. Another burning question comes up. Does it have to be mobile friendly? This one is a 100% yes! The general trend is going mobile right now. Users are accessing the internet from their pocket supercomputer, their phones. In 2015 only 30% of the website traffic was made from a mobile device. Fast forward to 2021 and that number hits 60% (Source: statista.com.)

Do I need to be on Google Maps?

One of the Search Engine Optimization game tactics, Google My Business. In general, it is really good to be on Google Maps through a Google My Business account. Google rewards you if you can anchor the digital presence of your business with a physical one.

If you have a website it will boost your SEO game. If you are a brick and mortar business, you will get new leads and customers just by being present on Google Maps. Set it up properly, sit back and see how the analytics numbers will rise up.

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Adrian Dascal

Have more questions?

I love questions like these ones, they mean to provoke a sense of curiosity. If you have more questions about topics mentioned in this blog, feel free to hit me up on social media @adi.dascal (Linkedin, Instagram, etc.) or you can book a call with me. We can bounce ideas and I can help you achieve the results you want to have for your business.

Have a great one and see ya around the interweb!

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